What is meant by brumation?

Before discussing about the bearded dragon we will know about what is brumation. Sometimes Brumation can be weird and scary. Brumation is the state or condition of sluggishness, inactivity, and torpor exhibited by the reptiles such as snakes and lizards during the winter or extended periods of low temperature. This is known as brumation.

Why The Bearded Dragons Are Brumating?

Once a year during the winter season food can be become scares for beardies in the wild life. There is limited access to water so the bearded dragons must find a way to make three to four months without eating. 

When the winter comes the day should shorter. In the season temperature will drop along the shorter days of the winter season and less warmth comes less prey. This environment cycle of the season happens for the bearded dragon brumation.  This is the monthly nature step for the assist.

What Happens To The Bearded Dragon When They Brumate?

When the entry of the brumation the bearded dragons slowly refuse start to take the food and eventually stop eating entirely. Their metabolism activity level also becomes slow; this results in less energy which leads to less activity.  

A Brief Clarification About The Bearded Dragon Brumation
Bearded Dragon Brumation

They will also start to look for a place burrow in the ground and sleep. 

They are typically digging a burrow in the ground, enter in to the burrow and close the opening with dirt. This makes them a safe place with no external heat and no light.

The heat is required for the digestion in the bearded dragons will typically evacuate the digestive system prior to hunkering in their burrow. At this point, the bearded dragons are semi-drowsy sleepy state.  

Some of the bearded dragons fully asleep, but they are still aware of surrounding alerts from the predators. The bearded dragon brumation in summer or in winter, the brumation will happen in both seasons.  

Will All The Bearded Dragon Brumate?

For the bearded dragon in captivity, some of the bearded dragon’s owners will report never they are entering into the brumation other reporters bearded dragons brumate once a year. If you are using the timers on your lights it leads to day varying in length.  

Even without the reduced temperate and daylight, the brumation is heavily ingrained genetically, so with the topics of beardie topic the answers can vary from dragon to dragon.

What Are The Signs Of Bearded Dragons Ready to Brumate?

A Brief Clarification About The Bearded Dragon Brumation
Bearded Dragon Brumation

The bearded dragon brumation signs are given by,

  • You are entering the fall of winter months in your area
  • The activity level of the bearded dragon is down and refuse to take greens entirely but they eat fewer insects then normally
  • At the time of brumation, they will refuse to take the insects entirely
  • They will sleep well
  • When they are normally get up for the day and they are stop basking
  • They spent a lot of time in their hiding and they will cover the entrance with the pile of specks of dirt
  • They will spend the days with hiding without coming out from the burrow

If you are seeing any sign of the above sign it is time for the bearded dragon to enter into the brumation

How Will You Prepare Your Bearded Dragons For The Brumation?

  • Have them checked for the parasites – This step will be critical and it should not be skipped. Even if your bearded dragons are successfully bromated before you will never ever skip to the vet visit. The most important worry is about parasites.
  • The parasites are the most common in the bearded dragons and checking them as yearly at a minimum. These are one of the easily treatable pests which can be harmful to your bearded dragons in normal times but it can be deadly during the brumation period.
A Brief Clarification About The Bearded Dragon Brumation
Bearded Dragon Brumation
  • As a result of metabolism slowed your bearded dragons cannot handle the parasitic infections. For this reason, make sure of your bearded dragons free from the parasite which is prior to the brumation.
  • At the stage of the first signs of the brumation, you must schedule a vet appointment and checked for the parasites.
  • Stop feeding of your bearded dragons. The next step once you know the bearded dragons are parasites and you will stop the feeding to them you doesn’t want to give any food to your beardie tummy while they are sleeping for the next few months or weeks.
  • Make sure they take one last poop. This is some of the encouragement at this point. We are typically step up the warm bath in daily frequency we may also massage the bearded dragon’s abdomen in a downward motion which encourages the last bowel movement. Once the last bowel movement, they are usually going down hot.
  • Give them a safe place to sleep. The wild dragons are prey animals because of this keeping themselves in safe and top priority when they are bromating. In the wild, they are typically digging the burrow and cover the opening with the debris this keeps them safe from the primary predator and birds.
  • The bearded dragon’s owners will provide the beardies with two hides one is the warm side of the tank and another is the cool side of the tank. The bearded is will choose the cool side of the tank for hiding.

Before brumation of the bearded dragons, you must know how long do bearded dragons sleep.

What To Do During The Brumation Of Bearded Dragons?

  • Seriously don’t panic about the brumation
  • Lighting and heat during the brumation
  • Bathing and food during the brumation
  • Water during the brumation
  • It should be made available while your bearded dragons are brumating.
  • Interaction during the brumation

These are the things that you are doing during the brumation of bearded dragons.

How long the bearded dragons will they are down of the brumation?

This is one of the hard questions to answer because the brumation will be varying from dragon to dragon.

Some of the bearded dragons will brumate for a few weeks as well as others will take up to four months.

How will you get up from the months-long sleep of the bearded dragons?

  • Restart the lights. If you are chosen to turn off the light of the tank now this is the time to get the light on. Even the bearded dragons are not coming out from the hide we will give them a bright and warm into the tank or burrow. This will results in they are coming out from the hide.
A Brief Clarification About The Bearded Dragon Brumation
Bearded Dragon Brumation
  • First meals after the brumation. For the first few days and after the brumation your bearded dragons have that much of an appetite. Greens and fruits are the great options of the foods. Make sure they are available once your beardie will become active. The bearded dragons are eating the fruits and greens of the bearded dragons they will eat anything and everything.
  • The digestive systems of the bearded dragons are working in the brumation period. It is a good idea is to give easy food to the digestive. This leads to giving them plenty of foods but avoid hard to digest exoskeletons and crickets.
  • Worms are the best solution for these issues. Most specifically the hornworms are recommended. The hornworms are the soft bodied which is easy to digest. The hornworms are also had high moisture content and rich in calcium. This is the ideal first protein source after the brumation of the bearded dragons.
  • After a couple of days of worms as the food, you can go back to the normal regimen. One of the most important final tips is that both vitamins and calcium are very important for your bearded dragons.
  • Post brumation bathing is the next step. The normal bathing schedule for the two to three times is needed most of the time and the daily baths are required for the first three to five days after coming out from the brumation.
  • Bathing is one of the most qualities of your beardie and it is good for their hygiene. The most important thing is the bearded dragons are very thirsty in the first days of after brumation.

The brumation is the normal part of the bearded dragon’s life.

How To learn About The Habitat Of Your Bearded Dragons?

The bearded dragons are the creatures of the habitat. They are like to sleep in the same place for each and every night. They also head to their basking spot and become expectant of foods.

  • Get your beardie on the schedule in the right cycle. The cycle will start with the typically light on for twelve hours and light off for the twelve hours.
  • Once you are decided to provide the artificial day and night through the lights and you will also make sure to standardize your feeding time for your bearded dragons. Some owners feed the beardie as once a day or twice a day.
  • Some of the beardie owners are can attest when you put the food out when your beardie is eating. The bearded dragons are also hunting the some insect’s food immediately. Others will be lazy.
  • Don’t worries about when your bearded dragons are decided to eat the food you give it.  
  • Know when your bearded dragon likes to poop. One of the most important notes about the beardie they will poop every day. Others will poop multiple days and even a week or two between the bowel movements.
  • Once you know about the beardie will poop the next thing is to find out where they are like to poop. Hopefully, it will be an easy step.
  • Know where your bearded dragons like to poop. They are the clean animals. They are like to poop in the place of vent and bodies are clear of the feces. There are two different ways. One is to change their body position and another is to hunt for a suitable place to poop.
  • No matter where they are pooped it must be cleaned immediately because the beardie scat contains salmonella and other dangerous bacteria.

What Are The Daily Bathing Methods Of The Bearded Dragons?

When the bearded dragons are like to poop and you must effectively start using the daily bathing method of the beardie. You should give your beardie bath two to three times in a week. It is one of the regular parts of the dragon care.

The bearded dragons are soaking and splash and drink are generally enjoying it. A lot of the bearded dragons are like to pool while bathing.

This is one of the most preferred methods for ease to clean the beardie. You can simply pour the soiled bathwater into the toilet and you can flush it. This also helps you avoid the unpleasant smell that coming from your beardie has pooped ion the home.

The litter box method is dangerous for your bearded dragons.

What Are The Steps Involved In The litter Training Of Your Beardie?

  • Find the favorite place they are like to poop
  • You should lay down a square of the napkin or place the paper towel in the spot
  • Once the beardie is starting pooping on the paper towel you will put the paper as small as this will eventually become the litter box.
  • Next, you will slowly add the Repti chips to the box over the litter box
  • And the eventually remove the paper from the spot
  • Slowly move the litter box to your preferred location.

What Is The Proper Basking Temperature For The Bearded Dragons?

Depending upon the age of your beardie the temperature of their basking spot should be between 95 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is lower than this causes the problem in the digestion system. If the temperature is high your bearded dragon is placed in a harmful situation.

Are The Bearded Dragons Are Ectotherms?

The humans are one of the ectotherms which means the body of the human being will generate the heat by own. The bearded dragons are also the ectotherms.

They cannot generate the heat by own because of their cold blooded little bodies cannot generate the heat which is needed for the digestion of their foods. This means they are needed the heat from the outside sources.

How To Heat The Basking Area For The Beardie?

It is never a good idea to heat the area from underneath. Don’t use the heated rocks and under-mount heated rocks for heating purposes.

This will leads too hot surface for your bearded dragons. You must always heat the basking area from the overhead with a light.

A Brief Clarification About The Bearded Dragon Brumation
Bearded Dragon Brumation

You can use the traditional light bulb, basking bulb, and mercury vapor lamp for the hating of the basking area. The heating light will be hanging anywhere from 6’’ and sometimes 24’’ above the basking spot.

Keep in your mind you are not aiming the bulb distance and you are aiming for the temperature of the basking spot.

Once you are satisfied with the light setting in the basking area leave the bulb for an hour and then check the temperature again. Triple check of temperature should be good. You must make the absolute temperature in the basking area.

How to measure the temperature in the basking spot?

You will recommend checking the temperature regularly. The ambient temperature of the room will affect the basking spot so the seasonal changes are normal.

The temp gun is used for this job. It is nice to have the thermometers on the wall to see the overall temperature of your vivarium but the thermometer cannot find the actual temperature of the basking spot.

You will check the temperature in the multiple areas of the basking place. The temp gun is one of the best and most accurate equipment for measuring the temperature of the basking area of the bearded dragons.

How long the basking lamp timing on the basking spot?

You don’t want to place the basking lamp 24/7. Instead, you can also use sunlight. Set it to be on for twelve hours and off for twelve hours.

You will have multiple lights in the vivarium some are staying on all the time and some are cycling for every twelve hours as off and on. It is the compact and perfect lighting array for the bearded dragons.

What is the night temperature for the bearded dragons?

The cooler temperature at night times is bearded dragon sleeping a lot and feel more at home. With the basking light will off the temperature will be drop between 70 degrees to 75 degrees of Fahrenheit at night time. The lowest temperature at night time is 65 degrees of Fahrenheit.

This can be achieved by using the red bulbs and ceramic heater. Generally, the red bulb is used in the home the temperature does not fall down 65 degrees of Fahrenheit. For the best result, you will use the ceramic heating element.

What are the strange and interesting facts about the bearded dragons?

A Brief Clarification About The Bearded Dragon Brumation
Bearded Dragon Brumation

There are nine species in the bearded dragons they are Pogona vitticeps, Pogona Minor Minor, Pogona Minor Mitchell, Pogona Microlepidota, Pogona Henrylawsoni, Pogona Barbata, Pogona Minor Minima, and Pogona Nullarbor.

  • The breeders have created even more varieties. They are classic or standard, leatherbacks, translucent, hypomelanistic, dunner, silk backs, German giants, zero, witblits, paradox, and wero.
  • They cannot be imported and they are illegal in Hawaii.
  • They are like to climb the trees and also they can change the sex
  • They don’t have the season and they are used to bob their heads for communication.
  • The beardie can lay the eggs and they can wave
  • They are like to live themselves and they are the prey animals
  • They are one of the extremely popular pets and the bearded dragons are walking with them.
  • They produce venom. Some things are poisonous to them
  • They can run on two legs and they are thermoregulation through their mouths.
  • The beardie is seen in colors and they are smell through their mouth.
  • The tail of the bearded dragon is almost half their length and their tails cannot grow back.
  • The teeth are fall out and grow back. They can also swim
  • Their heads funnel water to the beardie mouth. They don’t urinate in a liquid state.
  • They can sleep in the standing position and they will hibernate
  • The spikes of the bearded dragons are not soft and when they are shed they will change color.
  • They can be born with the two heads

When the winter comes the day should shorter. In the season temperature will drop along the shorter days of the winter season and less warmth comes less prey. This environment cycle of the season happens for the bearded dragon brumation.  This is the monthly nature step for the assist.


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