Bearded Dragon Third Eye


Imagine a situation. You have just got a bearded dragon as your pet. This is the first time that you have decided to pet a beardie. You want to ensure your beloved pet should get all the comfort, right kind of food and lead a healthy lifestyle. You decide to do a little research to know more about them and all of a sudden, you find out about the bearded dragon third eye. What is it? 

Do Bearded Dragons Have A Third Eye?

Many new beardie owners find it difficult to comprehend if their pet has a third eye. So, do bearded dragons have a third eye? The answer is Yes. As a beardie owner, you probably have noticed an eye-like shape on the skull of your pet between its eyes. Known as the parietal eye, with this third eye, the beardie can see color changes and shadows.

So, What Does Bearded Dragon 3rd Eye Mean for You?

In simple terms, you understood what a bearded dragon 3rd eye is. But what exactly does it mean for you? Will, it hurt your beardie if you accidentally touch it? Or can your beardie see with its third eye? Will you have to make any changes in its environment and the lighting so that the third eye is intact and it is not bothering your beardie?

Before you jump onto conclusions, first get all the facts right. Although a lot of bearded dragon owners claim to see the third eye on their pets, many others on the other hands state their beardie does not have any third eyes. So how is this thing is being called an eye?

Many amphibians, lizards or fishes have parietal eyes. Just like the other normal pair of eyes, a parietal eye also has a retina and a lens. The only difference is, unlike normal eyes, it does not have any iris. This third eye transparent is covered by a transparent scale and can be seen on the skull; right between the pair of the normal eyes. While this third eye cannot be seen in many lizards, it’s pretty visible in agamas and bearded dragons. 

Can Your Beardie See with Its Third Eye?

If you search the internet, you will find numerous stories, theories, and facts related to the third eye. While some theories may claim that beardies use this third eye to see, some others may claim they use it for different reasons? So, what is the truth?

Your beloved beardie cannot see through the parietal eye like the normal eyes. However, it uses the same for something different and more important reason?

So, What Does Your Beardie Do with Its Third Eye?

Unlike you may have assumed, the bearded dragon third eye is not entirely useless. Here are a few things your beardie can do with it –

  • Your Beardie Can Use Its Parietal Eye as A Compass

According to a study conducted by the scientist trio Ellis-Quinn, Barbara A and Carol A. Simony, other lizards and bearded dragon use their third eye as a compass.

Lizards and bearded dragons have their territory. Their territory is their home. Every time they leave behind their home and go far away, they take help of their parietal eye to head back home. 

  • Your Beardie Uses Its Third Eye to See Predators

Apart from finding its way home, a bearded dragon can also use its third eye to see the danger. Although a beardie cannot see predators; it can still sense shadows. Also, the third eye of your beardie can see changes in lights. And when that happens, it runs for safety.

Taking Care of Your Bearded Dragon’s Third Eye

Now that you know all about your bearded dragon’s third eye, you must take care of a few things. 

A lot of owners forget about their beardie’s third eye and tend to pick them up from its head. Most beardies try to flee their owners when they try to grab them from above. It is because the bearded dragon sees its owner as a predator. Their third eye, as well as natural habitat, will make them skittish and they will try to run away from you. when you are grabbing your beardie out from its tank from above, you are simply stressing it out.

To ensure you are not irritating your bearded dragon while getting it out, get a tank which has doors. Using fish tank as its home can be difficult for both you and your beardie.

Can You Still Pet Your Beardie?

Yes, you can. Petting slowly your beardie won’t hurt it. 

The bearded dragon is a sweet and loving pet. There are plenty of ways you can keep your beardie healthy and happy. With this article, you have all the information about your beardie and its parietal eye. And now you should take as much care as you can, to keep it safe.