Among the pet owners, bearded dragons are pretty popular reptiles. They are adaptable, relatively calm, and can get used to humans quite quickly. However, before you decide to add one to your family, you must gather information about these “not so conventional, yet cute” pets to ensure you will be able to take care of them properly.

So, How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get?

The very first question that might come to your mind is how big do bearded dragons get? Unlike other pets, it sometimes becomes quite challenging to assume how much room the pet can take in your place. Typically, male bearded dragons grow more significantly than females, and you cannot set up a small tank assuming their size. If you wish to create a happy home for your favorite beardie, you must keep a few things in mind.

Typically, an adult bearded dragon length can be somewhere between 18 inches to 21 inches, and it can weigh about 1.1 pounds at max. This, again, is just a rough estimate and can vary on different factors.

How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get
Bearded Dragons Get

Factors Determining A Full-Grown Bearded Dragon Size

Several factors can determine the size of a full-grown bearded dragon. Before you even decide to get a beautiful dragon for your home, you must understand all the factors that can play an essential role in determining its size. The factors that can determine a full-grown bearded dragon size are –

  1. The species of the bearded dragon.
  2. Your pet’s health also plays a huge role.
  3. Your pet’s diet is another factor that can determine how big your beardie can get. How often you feed your pet, what your beardie is eating, and how good its digestive system is.
  4. What is the gender of your bearded dragon? As mentioned earlier, a male adult bearded dragon size can get more significant than a female.

How Long Will It Take to Get Your Bearded Dragon Grow Fully?

Bearded Dragons Get

As time passes, your bearded dragon will get bigger. The confusion, however, will increase when your beardie is between 11 to 15 months, as, during this time, their growth slows down drastically. At this age, bearded dragon size or length can be up to 15 to 18 inches. Your beardie will be fully grown at the period of 18 months.   

A Complete Growth Chart for Your Bearded Dragon

If you already have got a bearded dragon and you wish to see how fast your beardie can grow, here is a growth chart that you can refer to. Remember that this is just a rough estimate for the Pogona vitticeps type–

  1. 1st month – growth can be up to 4 inches.
  2. 2nd month – growth can be up to 9 inches.
  3. 3rd month – growth can be up to 11 inches.
  4. 4th month – growth can be up to 12 inches.
  5. 5th month – growth can be up to 16 inches.
  6. 6th month – growth can be up to 18 inches.
  7. 7th month – growth can be up to 19 inches.
  8. 8th month – growth can be up to 20 inches.
  9. 12th month – growth can be up to 22 inches.

Different Species of Bearded Dragon Size

There is a total of 8 different species of bearded dragons that you can pet. A giant bearded dragon species is the Pogona Vitticeps, and they are pretty standard as pets.

If you are a new bearded dragon owner or going to be one, you must have at least a bit of an idea about how big your beardie can get. While that can depend on different factors, you can still get a rough idea based on the type of dragon you wish to get.

Here is a list of different species of bearded dragons and their sizes that can help you get a pretty good idea of how big your beardie is going to be as an adult –

  1. A Pogona Microlepidota or Drysdale River Bearded Dragon can grow up to 6 inches.
  2. A Pogona Henrylawsoni or Rankins Dragon can grow up to 12 inches.
  3. A Pogona Minor Minima or the Western Bearded Dragon can grow up to 12 inches.
  4. A Pogona Minor Nullarbor or the Nullarbor Bearded Dragon can grow up to 14 inches.
  5. A Pogona Minor Mitchell or the Mitchell’s Bearded Dragon can grow to be up to 18 inches.
  6. A Pogona Minor Minor or the Dwarf Bearded Dragon can grow up to 18 inches.
  7. A Pogona Barbata or Coastal Bearded Dragon can grow up to 24 inches.
  8. A Pogona Vitticeps or Central Bearded Dragon can grow up to 24 inches.

Although a trendy pet among the reptiles, bearded dragons need much attention and care when you decide to domesticize them. It would be best to give it the utmost attention for your beardie to flourish and grow to its correct size.

Bearded dragons are very sensitive towards their environment and diet. And these can have both positive and negative effects on your beardie’s health. Ensure proper food, shelter, and environment for your pet to grow and have a healthy life. Before you purchase a bearded dragon, always remember to gather preliminary information about its size, species, diet, or the environment suited for them. Do extensive research and be sure never to make any spontaneous decision.


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