Know everything about the bearded dragons shedding process, and how you can help your beardie in the growing stage. Do bearded dragons eat their skin after shedding?

While growing up, A bearded dragon usually sheds during its growth stage or replaces the damaged skin. Bearded Dragons’ have rapid growth. All living reptiles usually shed their external layers of skin, cocoons, and scale.

In the growing stage, especially the baby dragons tend to shed more than the adult dragons. However, you have to look out whether the dragon has smooth shedding without any problem.

Do Bearded Dragons shed?

Yes, bearded dragons shed themselves. Some dragons also eat their shedding scales to get the nutrients left in the earlier scale. Please don’t panic, have patience as it takes a little time to get the complete shedding.

How often do Bearded Dragons shed?

Bearded dragons shedding process

A young bearded dragon used to shed more frequently as compared to the adult dragon.  It takes time from 2 to 3 weeks to 7 to 8 weeks.

  • Baby Dragon Shedding time and frequency: A baby dragon sheds its skin once a month till six months of its age. So, it will shed like six times in 6 months. They shed their skin more frequently and sometimes even after two to four weeks. To develop their body with nature, they shed several times in the whole year.
  • Adult Dragon Shedding time and frequency: An adult bearded dragon sheds its skin once or twice a year. When a baby dragon becomes an adult, the growth rate decreases; that is why the frequency of shedding its skin gets reduced.

You notice certain behavior and the surrounding environment when you see an adult dragon shedding its skin!

  • They may become more aggressive.
  • Their eating habits may change.
  • They may look stressful.
  • You may realize completely skittish behavior.
  • You may notice eye inflation; sometimes, their eyes even become bulgy.

All you can do to your beardie matured dragon, give them space to develop the new skin. Skin replenishment happens due to the low level of calcium available in their body or for grooming.

How Fast do Bearded Dragons Grow?

 Bearded dragons shedding process

Bearded dragons are nothing but omnivorous lizards.  Bearded dragons try to revolt against other predators. But, seeing them growing up, you get to know many things about the reptiles. A bearded dragon grows so fast that it just takes a year to get entered into adulthood. Their life span is 5 to 15 years. They grow up very quickly.

  • The Baby stage Growth: When they are born, they are 3 to 4 inches in size. But, they require proper husbandry to get optimal growth. If you take good care of your bearded dragon, it can become 6 to 8 inches in length within 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Nearing Adulthood Growth stage: As they grow up so quickly, by reaching 3 to 6 months of age, they become around 1.5 feet in length. In fact, within a year, they become a full-bearded dragon.
  • Adulthood Growth stage: At this age, they become fully matured and reach the height of 22 inches to 25 inches. During this age, their sexual maturity occurs. The age where you will see the bulges. In this stage, you can recognize whether it is a male or female bearded dragon.
  • Old age Growth stage: You can tell your bearded dragon is getting old while reaching at least six years. At this age, they need special care and love too. At this age, they become sluggish to any activity.  Eventually, there is no growth in this age.

They may probably lose eyesight, lose weight and they may leave eating too. They become unresponsive. At this age, they may die too.

By measuring their heights, you can assume their ages. By noticing the bulges, you can guess the gender as well. If you want to see the rapid growth of your bearded dragon, then you need to provide top-notch husbandry.

Bearded Dragons Shedding Behaviour:

Bearded dragons feel while they shed. However, during this natural process of reptiles, you are supposed to realize vivid colors in the new skin of your loving bearded dragon. After completing the shedding process, enzymes get released to work as an aid between the outer and new skin.

How to know the Shedding phase through their Behaviour:

There are certain behaviors the bearded dragons display in front of you. You have to realize their behavior and give them enough space and care in the overall shedding process.

  • They do not want to get handled by anyone while they are supposed to have shed.
  • They become more lethargic; they prefer to sleep more.
  • They may lose their appetite during the shedding process.
  • They try to scratch their body with their legs.
  • Bearded dragons will seek rough surfaces to rub their body and get the shedding process done soon.
  • In the process of losing the skin, they rub their back to rocks as well.

So, by noticing the above behavior, you can get the idea about when a bearded dragon is involved in the process of shedding.

Do Lizards Shed their Skin?

 Bearded dragons shedding process
Bearded dragons shedding process

Yes, the lizards shed their skin while they grow up. Because lizard is a part of reptiles. There is a saying when a lizard sheds its tail, and it comes to see the tail again; if they see it, they eat it.

Lizards shed their skin for their growth and to avoid parasites.

What to do for a Shedding Bearded Dragon?

Skin shedding is also known as Ecdysis. The process of shedding skins of bearded dragons varies based on their age, environment, and the surroundings they live. Few things you have to keep in your mind while a bearded dragon sheds!

  • If you see your bearded dragon has started shedding, do not try to pull off the skin. Nature will do the work for you quickly, wait and see. If you pull the skin of your bearded dragon, it might face any injury or infection.
  • If you wish to see your bearded dragons must shed their skin a bit faster, then you have to mist over their skin many times a day. While misting, it gets moisturized, and the skin becomes softer than earlier. Also, the shedding process becomes much more manageable.
  • Let your bearded dragon bathe twice or thrice a week. Bathroom sinking helps a lot in shedding its skin. Give your bearded dragon warm water (Luke warm water) and let it play there.
  • There are lots of shedding aids available in the market; you can have one and use it over your bearded dragon, or else you can mix them with bathing water. The shedding aids help to promote new skins soon.

Bearded dragons are often considered adorable pets, but they need good care for growth. Maintenance is easy as you are required to have minimum reptile equipment. Their favorite foods are crickets and mealworms. You have to keep the focus on the proper setup to give comfort to your bearded dragon.