As a pet lover, you want your bearded dragon to be happy and healthy. One of the best ways for this is by monitoring its environment. This also includes maintaining its proper humidity levels.

Bearded dragons are susceptible to respiratory infections if their humidity isn’t properly monitored. Hygrometers are the best way to monitor humidity levels in your beardie’s habitat.

If you own a bearded dragon and want to monitor his humidity but don’t know which hygrometer is the best for him, we have good news. We have spent a lot of time researching the best-bearded dragon hygrometers available in the market. And we have finalized the top 5 best hygrometers for reptiles.

This article will discuss different kinds of hygrometers for bearded dragons and information on which one to buy.

Before discussing the top 5 hygrometers, let’s first explore what hygrometers are. It’ll help you in choosing the best hygrometer for your little champion.

What is a Hygrometer?

A hygrometer is a device used to measure humidity. It can be as simple as a wet and dry bulb thermometer or as complex as a digital laser sensor. Hygrometers can be analog or digital, but both are equally effective when measuring humidity for bearded dragons.

Types of Hygrometers

There are three different types of hygrometers, each with its distinctive methods of measuring humidity.

  1. The first is the mechanical hygrometer, which relies on natural properties in organic materials to measure humidity levels.
  2. The second type of hygrometer is electrical, which generally uses resistance or capacitance to determine humidity levels.
  3. Finally, the most precise hygrometers are dew point hygrometers, which detect even the smallest amount of moisture in the air.

Here Are Our Top 5 Best Hygrometers for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons like a relative humidity of 50-60% in their home cage. Most people build their beardie homes simultaneously in captivity since it looks reasonable compared to what nature provides. However, maintaining a bearded dragon environment below 50 percent humidity causes several health difficulties, including respiratory illnesses that lead to mortality.

So, what controls most bearded dragons’ temperature? Moving or not moving, actively absorbing or shedding heat via evaporation from different body regions are all engaged in thermoregulation. Moving, for example, may effectively increase or drop your body temperature depending on your orientation.

The best approach for a beardie to control its body temperature is to move away from the sun and absorb or lose heat via its skin and lungs (evaporation). The rationale is simple: changing beardie behavior needs energy (in food) and time (in hours each day). That implies avoiding extremes in temperature is the best method.

Finally, we can explain how the Bearded Dragon’s hygrometer works: a cold mirror! Frank Mossman invented this technique for people to monitor humidity in 1972, but it has only been regularly utilized on telescopes since then. The concept is simple: as light enters a slowing medium (like glass), part of it reflects off the interface. In this scenario, distilled water on top of a mirror reflects around 4% of any incoming light. Because lizards absorb energy from light reflected them, the mirror is both an accurate assessment of ambient humidity and a convenient tool for keeping your pet happy.

Consider how a beardie can keep its body temperature in the 80s while the air around it stays at an average temperature. This is because they have a malfunctioning hygrometer in their skull.

Benefits of Using Best Hygrometers for Bearded Dragons

Humidity plays a pivotal role in the overall health of every bearded dragon. There are many different ways to measure the level of humidity in a vivarium. The best way is using hygrometers. It has many benefits, including:

  • It’s easy to mount it or place it inside the vivarium
  • You can check the humidity level anytime you want
  • It has an accurate reading and also comes with a temperature reading
  • Hygrometers are widely available, and they can be bought both online and in pet stores
  • There is a wide variety of them to choose from

How to Choose the Best Hygrometer for Bearded Dragons?

Let’s have a look at the critical factors you should consider while buying the best hygrometers for bearded dragons:


High-quality hygrometers must be accurate to measure humidity correctly. It’s not advisable to use low-cost models for keeping track of humidity levels because they aren’t reliable enough. The accuracy is measured in percentage points; the greater the number, the better.

Replaceable batteries

It’s not advisable to use low-cost devices because they don’t work for long, and you’ll have to replace them regularly. Thus, go for one with an inbuilt battery that allows you only to replace the battery when it dies out instead of purchasing a new device each time.


When purchasing a hygrometer for a reptile tank, you should consider how much you’re willing to spend on it because many models have different budgets. Of course, you should buy a quality item, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.


Go through its controls and check whether they are easy to use. Read reviews from other users or ask for advice in forums before making a purchase.

Hygrometers are handy devices for all pet owners who want to keep track of humidity levels in their bearded dragon’s habitat. Make the best choice by checking out our list of features above and choosing according to your needs!

Closer Look At The Best Hygrometers for Bearded Dragons

1.   Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge


Brand: Zoo Med

Power Source: Battery Powered

Number of Batteries: 1 LR44 battery needed

Resolution: LCD

Zoo Med Digital Terrarium Thermometer Review

Now you can measure your pet’s humidity and temperature with this excellent digital terrarium thermometer and humidity gauge from Zoo Med.  This product has an easy-to-care-for, hygienic probe/tip that accurately measures humidity and temperature.

Reptile lovers have never seen such an accurate, portable device, and easy to use for these measurements. The new generation in precision accuracy has arrived!

This product’s sensor probe is waterproof, making it easy to install into any substrate in your pet’s terrarium without having to worry about damage or replacement. You can also use the remote sensor probe with the included clip to hold it up anywhere you may need to measure accurate temperatures!

The probe is designed to be easily sanitized and is very hygienic, allowing you to know that your pet’s home is safe from harmful bacteria. After 10 seconds, this thermometer will give a precise reading of either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature! In addition, this humidity/temperature gauge features a convenient, low battery indicator, so you’ll never have to worry about that surprise power outage or changing the batteries.

The digital thermometer is 100% accurate and comes with a warranty! If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality humidity/temperature gauge, look no further than Zoo Med’s Digital Terrarium Thermometer!

The LCD on this thermometer is fantastic, with a bright backlight that makes it easy to see from short distances. Turn the device on, and it will automatically detect the temperature of the chosen zone and display it on its black & white screen in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Like the other hygrometers, this model also has an easy-to-read LCD with a battery indicator, low battery warning, and automatic shut-off to help conserve power. In addition, this device is accurate when tested against other high-quality hygrometers. Zoo Med’s reputation also backs it for quality products, so you know you’ll be getting a great product that will last.

No more bulky dials, batteries that have to be constantly replaced, or cumbersome buttons to push. This reptile humidity gauge is ready to go out of the box with its pre-set settings for quick and easy use!

So ease of use, accuracy, and portability are strong points for this model. This incredibly user-friendly product makes capturing the temperature a breeze and will be a fantastic help in monitoring your pet’s environment!


  • Precisely measures the temperature of a particular spot with the remote sensor probe.
  • The display is large and easy to see from a short distance
  • LCD lights up bright green for easy viewing in dark or dim rooms
  • Extremely user-friendly; turn it on, and it’ll be functional in no time


  • Sensor probe wire is prone to curling, which may affect the accuracy of the readings.

2.   The Zilla Terrarium Thermometer-Hygrometer


Brand: Zilla

Power Source: Battery Powered

Number of Batteries: 2 AAA batteries needed

Humidity measuring range: 30% to 90%

Zilla Terrarium Thermometer-Hygrometer Review

There’s nothing like having a tool that does exactly what you want it to do without fuss or muss. So with that in mind, I added the Zilla Terrarium Thermometer-Hygrometer to my top picks.

The product is easy to assemble and ready for use right out of the box. The display is large and presents data without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. A digital clock with an alarm and calendar is just incredible.

Designed for fast, easy installation, monitor both terrarium temperature and humidity without changing the original decor. LR44, 1.5v battery is also included.

With accurate temps and humidity, terrarium monitoring becomes much easier and more precise. We’ve been using this new Zilla Thermometer for several weeks, and we’re delighted with it.

LR44, 1.5v battery is included with a large display for easy reading, and it is easy to install and use. In addition, it calculates optimal basking temperatures for reptiles based on the temperatures measured by the probe within your terrarium. Perfect for pet owners who want to monitor environmental conditions closely.

You will find this Digital Terrarium Thermometer- Hygrometer easy to use and accurate. You have to remember that it takes a few hours for the conditions in the terrarium to equalize with what the probe reads, but after that, it is pretty much on target.

While setting up the product, you will be pleased with how quickly this unit settled in and provided accurate temperature readings. Within a minute after installation, you will have a full range of data on both temperature and humidity.

Setting the clock, alarm, or calendar is easy to understand as well. You can put all three functions without having to open the manual. Yes, this product does exactly what it should do — no fuss, no muss!

Overall, this is an effective monitoring tool. You will not doubt if the conditions in your reptile’s home are exactly what they should be, making it easier to maintain good health and excellent vivarium conditions.


  • Easy assembly
  • Large display for easy reading
  • Easy to install and use
  • Monitor both terrarium temperature and humidity without changing the original décor
  • Tracking of terrarium conditions becomes more precise with the addition of this new thermometer.


  • The suction cup on the temperature sensor is sometimes unusable
  • Some people complained that the screen didn’t work correctly for them

3.   ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer



Power Source: Battery

Number of Batteries: ‎1 AAA batteries needed

Humidity measuring range: 10%~99%

Weight: ‎1.76 ounces

ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Review

ETHMEAS Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer for Reptiles Terrarium is one of the best digital hygrometers out there. Little can be done to “break” the unit, so no worries about dropping it or hitting it on something.

Now that springtime has bounced, it is time to open up the terrariums and get the reptiles back out. Most of us use a basking bulb for heat in our bearded dragons’ enclosures, but there are times when you might want or need to monitor the temperature with something more accurate than your finger.

That’s where ETHMEAS Digital Hygrometer comes in. It is a dual-purpose digital thermometer and humidity gauge that can record the highs and lows of temperature and humidity readings.

It comes with two sensors, each in a plastic case with a suction cup on the back for easy placement. The unit itself has a large, strong magnet that attaches to the side of most enclosures, but if you run into issues, worry not. There is also a spring-mounted retractable clip and tabletop stand.

The thermometer records minimum and maximum temperature readings, and the humidity gauge records maximum and minimum humidity levels. This thermometer/hygrometer has a large display that is easy to read and backlit for use in dark enclosures or at night.

The probe features continuity buzzing and low battery indication (red light) when changing the batteries. This is an accurate product that’s worth the price. Better than your finger, it will help you monitor your pets more accurately.


  • Accurate
  • Can record highs and lows
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to read


  • Some people complained that the thermometer reading is not very accurate
  • Suction cups don’t work well

4.   Zoo Med Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

Zoo Med Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge Review

To monitor the humidity and temperature of your bearded dragon’s terrarium, the Zoo Med Economy Analog Dual Thermometer and Humidity Gauge are a great choice. This Gauge is also an excellent tool for any herpetologist. It features a large face, easy-to-read temperature, humidity levels, and colored indicator zones showing an acceptable range of temperature or humidity levels.

It can be hung up on the outside of your terrarium using the attached velcro strip or used as a free-standing unit. The ease of use and readability makes this an essential item for your herpetological collection.

The remarkable features of this Analog Dual Thermometer and Humidity Gauge make this a great choice. The ease of use, affordability, and accuracy are all excellent features for your herpetological collection.


  • Accurate
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to stick to the tank
  • Hangs on outside of terrarium or can be free-standing
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • The large face makes for easy reading


  • Not very accurate temperature readings

5.   Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer with Probe


Brand: Hagen

Power Source: Battery-powered

Number of Batteries: 1 A batteries needed

Weight: 0.11 Pounds

Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer with Probe Review

Monitoring temperature and humidity in your reptile’s enclosure is essential. This is especially true for large enclosures that can cause these levels to become unstable.

It makes this job simple by giving you both temperature and humidity readings on one instrument, so you don’t have to invest in two separate devices.

One button controls the Exo Terra LED Rept-O-programmable Meter’s minimum/maximum memory setting and remote combination sensor, which provide an accurate relative humidity display. This unit comes pre-calibrated out of the package but can be adjusted if necessary.

This 2-in-1 precision instrument is durable and easy to use. It comes with a backlit display that helps easily view in dark enclosures, while the device is compact and lightweight.


  • Digital temperature and humidity readings on one device
  • Remote sensor for accurate temperature and humidity indication
  • Programmable minimum/maximum memory setting with single button operation
  • Pre-calibrated out of the package but can be adjusted if necessary
  • 2 in 1 digital thermometer and hygrometer
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Backlit display for dark enclosures


  • A little expensive (single pack)
  • Sometimes it gets stuck at any temperature or humidity reading
  • Cords aren’t that long


Where should I put the hygrometer?

To ensure that a bearded dragon can thrive, temperature variation in their home needs to be around 20°C from end to end, with a basking spot of 29°C.

A hygrometer will accurately measure ambient humidity in the home. You can place it anywhere in the tank, but a few factors to keep in mind. First, it should ideally be placed in the center of the rear wall, which is where your basking light is most likely to be. Second, you can place a heat mat or heat tape in that corner if you use a heat mat or heat tape.

If the terrarium does not have a back wall, try to place it in the middle of the largest sidewall, away from any objects that might obstruct readings. Remember to keep it at least 5 cm away from anything that will obstruct the view of the dial (e.g., substrate, decorations, etc.).

If you use a probe to measure humidity in the terrarium, placing it in the tank will influence the humidity reading. Remember that heat rises and cold sinks, so it will measure the humidity in a different part of the tank depending on where the probe is located.

Just because some pet owners cannot place the hygrometers at these recommended places, that’s why they sometimes get faulty readings.

What is bearded dragon thermoregulation, and why do you need it?

To mimic their natural environment, provide a heating source (light bulb) and a basking place (heat mat or heat lamp under the tank). This way, your bearded dragon can benefit from both heating and light sources and thermoregulate properly. It will also synthesize vitamin D3 if the UVB lights are on for 8 hours per day.

Why bearded dragon humidity 60?

Bearded dragons like dry, arid environments and do not need high humidity. High humidity can cause impaction (digestive system blockage) and lead to serious health problems.

What should the humidity be for a bearded dragon at night?

Recommended humidity for bearded dragons at night is around 20%.

Does bearded dragon-like soaking in the water?

Yes, it does! It helps dragons to get rid of waste (urates and feces) if they do not like to use their dish for this purpose.

How is it possible to have bearded dragon humidity 70 at night?

To have 70% humidity at night, you need to run a very wet substrate (soil or sand) and a nearby humidifier.

Why is bearded dragon humidity too high, not favorable?

Having too high humidity can lead to serious health problems for your bearded dragon, such as impaction. It can also lead to respiratory issues.

What do you need to know when you want to order a thermometer for a bearded dragon?

Make sure that the thermometer is not too long since it can burn your dragon’s tummy. Also, make sure you get both temperatures (digital and non-digital).

Where to buy your bearded dragon thermometer?

You can purchase it from Amazon, which offers a variety of options. You can also order it from your local pet store or reptile supplier.