The rich green colour and the aroma of cilantro make it your perfect garnishing partner and sprinkling it on top of every other dish is so common nowadays, right?

But have you ever thought about cilantro in a different way? Like it can be a whole meal for someone and now just a garnishing or decorating thing?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro?
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro?

That someone is a small pet like a bearded dragon. No, we aren’t saying you to feed your bearded dragons with some cilantro.

We just asked you have you ever thought about doing that? Because bearded dragons like greens. They are healthy and nutritious for them.

What about cilantro? Let’s find that out together. So, you are about to discover the following things on cilantro and bearded dragons;

Come along and see it for yourself if you have found another use of cilantro.

Having a pet and taking care of their needs is literally a huge task, specially when you have a bearded dragon. Why? Because have quite different requirements and special needs in comparison to other, bigger pets.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro?

You always have to make sure they are eating the right thing because they have a very small stomach which gets empty and filled up very quickly.

Making sure they are eating everything that is good for them and is also cut or chopped finely so that it doesn’t get stuck in their throat or your beardo finds it difficult to chew them.

So, that is why we say, hats off to the bearded dragon owners and on that note let’s begin with our research on cilantro for bearded dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro?

Yes, you can definitely feed cilantro to your bearded dragons. Just to make it clear, here we are talking about the fresh plant leaves called cilantro and not the dried seeds of the plants.

And just like we told you, cilantro is a perfectly good herb for your bearded dragon and will provide the with a lot of nutrients and health benefits.

But what are those nutrients and benefits

We know you are eager to dig deeper and know more about this herb before feeding it to your beardo.

So now, let’s have a look at all the benefits your beardo is going to get if you feed them with this beautiful green herb.

Nutritional Information of Cilantro

Vitamin A & CA vital nutrient for growth, vision, reproduction, healthy immune system and tissue and organ repair and maintenance
PotassiumRegulates the blood pressure
Fiber Takes care of digestion
Vitamin KMaintains tissue and blood cell
Antioxidants Prevents inflammation
Small amount of calciumResponsible for strong bones and overall growth
ManganeseHelps in aiding metabolism

How did you like the table? Full of so many useful information, isn’t it? and easy to read as well. 

Not just that but do you realise that whether a bearded dragon or human, whoever eats cilantro will be benefited by this hub of nutrition?

Well, since we are talking about our little friends called bearded dragons, right now, let’s stick to them and concentrate on our research regarding Can I Feed My Bearded Dragon Cilantro?

And so, moving onto next part of this research, come and see what we have for you and your beardo.

How Often Can I Give My Bearded Dragon Cilantro?

bearded dragons eating cilantro

We know our bearded dragons can eat cilantro. We know about all the nutrients it has for them. But how much cilantro can we feed them? How often? And should it be fed with something else or giving them plain fresh cilantro will work?

We know your mind is fighting with all these questions right now. And you must know that we are here with all of the answers.

So, stop worrying and brace yourself for your next set of information on cilantro and your baby dragon.

Talking about how many times a bearded dragon can eat cilantro and in what intervals, here’s what we have for you. and this is important reader, so don’t miss it.

There’s a thing you need to know about cilantro, although it’s completely fine for a bearded dragons health if he eats cilantro and it does have so many health benefits as well but it is still not considered the ultimate or the staple green for them

There are majorly two reasons behind it,

First is cilantro have a high level of water contents in it and it is not good for a bearded dragon to eat something like that in huge quantity.

Even having excess level of water content in body can cause nausea and vomiting to your bearded dragon and they will ultimately have diarrhea which will cause them loss of water.

We know this might sound a bit weird to you, but you can trust your experts and read further to know the second reason behind cilantro not being the ultimate food for your beardo.

As you know, your beaded dragon needs a lot of calcium fir their growth and other body functions. And as we mentioned above, there is a very small amount of calcium in cilantro.

So, feeding your beardo with something that does not have the main nutrient in it for them, and filling up their small stomach is not a good idea.

So, should we not feed them with cilantro at all? You can! Just like you consume it yourself. You can always sprinkle a little cilantro on the top of the salad made for your beardo. And you can do that every now and then, just a sprinkle.

Also, always make sure to finely chop it before feeding them to your bearded dragons because although cilantro is just leaf, they can still get stuck in your beardo’s throat if they ate whole leaves instead of the chopped ones.

Although, you can also give plain cilantro to your beardos instead of putting them into his salad, just always make sure it’s fresh and thoroughly washed and just like we mentioned before, finely chopped.

When we say fresh cilantro, there is a thing that always comes in the minds of some of our readers which is;

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Canned Cilantro?

Now let’s understand this theory as well.

Talking about canned cilantro, if we are in your place, reader, we will never opt for canned cilantro or any other canned item for our bearded dragons at all.

The reason being their low level of nutrients and added chemicals and preservatives.

They have a very low amount of health benefits as compared to the fresh cilantro because they are processed and stored weeks before you buy them. And in the mean-time they lose most of their goodness.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Canned Cilantro?

and as you know, canned food items do have moderate amounts of preservatives and chemicals so that they can last longer and don’t go bad.

while humans can digest these moderate levels of chemicals and preservatives, it is difficult for a bearded dragon to digest such foods for a long time and hence they can cause a reaction to them.

This is the reason, reader why we strongly recommend you fresh and clean cilantro for your beardo.

And before we conclude, we have some more nutritional information on cilantro for you and your bearded dragon which will convince you why fresh is always better than canned food.

Continue reading to collect this treasure of information.

Health Facts about Cilantro

  • The amazing fact about cilantro is that cilantro is about 92% of water. If given in moderation and according to the requirements of a beardo, cilantro can keep them hydrated.
  • While it has so many nutrients, cilantro has no sugar contents. Sugar can cause obesity to your bearded dragons along with kidney problems, heart and liver disease and diabetes.

So, having no sugar in cilantro is a very useful and beneficial thing for beardos.

  • Do you know that cilantro can prevent food poisoning because it has got antibacterial properties?
  • While cilantro has low amount of calcium, its phosphorus level is even lower. Which if you know, is very good for your beardo for so many health reasons, and one of them being phosphorous will not affect the calcium level in your bearded dragon’s body.

So, many nutrients and high level of water, cilantro sounds like the ultimate food for anyone.


A food item can be good for your pet but not too safe if given in larger amounts without knowing their effects on health. Just like cilantro, which has both good and bad sides for a bearded dragon and your information on it will decide what your bearded dragon will receive the most benefits or faults.

Cilantro is good or bad for a bearded dragon? Can they have canned cilantro? What are the exact health benefits of cilantro for a bearded dragon? Hope you get all the answers here, for more posts like this keep visiting here daily.


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