This is fascinating to know what would be the diet of a bearded dragon. Many of us are wondering about this truth, ‘can a bearded dragon eat eggs?’ So, what is accurate or what is a myth, here in this article, you can find this answer.

We all know the nourishing quotient of an egg; it is a power diet alone because it is packed with a high level of necessary nutrition. With the help of article, you get to know that the if bearded dragons eat eggs then they indulge in what type of eggs and, is that Scrambled, boiled or raw, etc. what will be the benefits of eggs to their body, how many times in a day is appropriate to give them this type of diet, how to make them with and many other important points.

How nutritious is the egg and can bearded dragons eat eggs?

Eggs are considered very nutritious by humans. They are a major source of protein and contain Vitamin A, D, K, B, C and zinc, calcium, folate, selenium, magnesium and more. The yolk contains many minerals that help in creating lustrous skin, hairs, etc. The yolk contains a small amount of cholesterol but it’s not harmful because it is good cholesterol. It is considered a healthy food for the bearded dragons.

The bearded dragon is an omnivorous creature which implies that they eat what they catch on their own or which that was fed to them. Domestic bearded dragons are picky and only eat what they like. Mostly they live on eating worms but that is not good every time on to stay at this diet. So, it is fine to get them on an egg diet that will be fit as well because the nature of a protein that the egg contains is well-sufficient for the species. Here below are the few guidelines to be taken care of-

•    Make sure that you cook the egg well or it should not be raw.

•    The egg can be given some heat to make it scramble or boil it.

•    Do not exercise any oil or butter

•    Do not use any sort of seasoning

•    Eggshells are not given; they might cause throat irritation as they are very sharp and hard.

The method of cooking is simple like you have to first split the egg, open it inside a bowl, microwave them around for a minute, compress them apart and give them to your pet lizard.

Another way is to open it into a frying pan and heat it for 30 seconds, then cool it at the room temperature and then feed them. The Baby bearded dragon eats more proteins than the adult one. The diet should be given two times daily.

Always remember that these pets are prone to digestive disorders so they are taken extra care about the food given to them. Too much of protein should not be given to them as they can make the species fatty. Apart from the eggs, they survive upon mealworms, butter worms, earthworms, super worms, a mixture of green leaves, fruits, vegetable. However, the food should be given in very small quantities to the baby bearded dragon and also the adult ones.