A pet owner can’t sit and relax and do nothing. They are constantly worried about their pets and every other thing they get hands-on.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Beans?

We know we do, and we know this much about pet parents because we like to take care of these pet parents who are always taking care of their babies.

How do we help them? By clearing their doubts and giving them suggestions on what is good for their pet and not.

And now we are here, which means we have some more help to offer. We have so much to tell you and so much to ask you as well.

Beans and Bearded Dragons

“I was determined to know beans closely.” While it’s not too difficult to excel at being a pet parent, you surely face a lot of difficulties in so many things when you begin this journey.

From what is good for them and what must be avoided to how often they should be fed and take a bath and their exercise and sleeping schedules.

Ah! We know that was a lot to grasp, but you don’t have to worry about all this since you are already a pet parent.

Talking about Bearded Dragons and whether they like to eat green beans or not, or if they are safe for them, you first need to know that they are not very choosy or selective when it comes to their food.

So, you have to decide what is best for them and find out what they enjoy the most. And if you are worrying if green beans are fit for them or not, we are going to find it out together for you.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Beans?

If we have to tell you in simple words, Bearded Dragons can eat green beans or string beans as this name commonly knows them. They are safe, nutritious, and healthy for you bearded dragon. In fact, research claims that dragons thoroughly enjoy green beans, so they should be added to their diets. Wondering what about the rest of the information on this?

Can Bearded Dragons eat Green Beans?

You know our theories are never so pale and out of information. We love focusing on every bit of detail. And yes, this time also, we have done a lot of research before providing you with correct information about green beans given to beardies.

All the conditions in which green beans can/cannot be given to a bearded dragon are mentioned below. Let’s read about all if’s and but’s we have in our bag for you and your baby dragon.

The Unfit and Unfair World, “I can fight the world with some green beans and rice.”

So, we will discuss all the conditions in which green beans are fit/unfit for consumption by a bearded dragon.

The very first and obvious thing to keep in mind before giving green beans to your beardie is to make sure they are fresh and thoroughly washed.

Old, rotten, soggy fertilizers and pesticides filled or dirty beans are a no-no for the bearded dragon since they can make your dragon fall ill, and you must avoid this from happening. The second thing to ensure is that all the beans are evenly chopped before your dragon eats them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Beans?
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Beans?

As you know, Bearded Dragons have small mouths, and they cannot chew or swallow big bites or pieces of food. If you have a full-grown bearded dragon, he will easily cut and bite a full-sized bean without any problem and can swallow it easily.

But if your dragon is still a baby and you think it is not easy for them to chop or cut full-sized beans on their own, you must chop the beans for the little dragon.

Although green beans are soft and your dragon can swallow them directly without chewing them, but that is the very reason they need to chop them first.

If they swallow an un-chopped green bean, there are chances that it will get stuck in their throat and can suffocate your beardie, which is definitely harmful.

If you give them un-chopped or just slightly cut beans, they can choke your dragon. So here is another no-no for you. So, it’s better to chop them finely after washing them thoroughly and then let your beardie enjoy his treat.

Many people ask if it is fine to give their Bearded Dragons some cooked or frozen beans. We have a detailed analysis of them as well.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cooked Green Beans?

Yes again. Or should we say that it’s a bit of both yes and no? You can feed cooked green beans to your bearded dragon without any hesitation, but the only thing you need to know is that cooked green beans lack nutritional level compared to raw green beans.

As you know, Bearded Dragons don’t eat a bulk of the food. They don’t need to be fed with huge amounts of treats of greens all the time. Even if it’s a full-grown beardie, they eat a lot less than any other pet animal.

This makes it even more important to ensure that whatever they eat is always best for them and full of nutrition.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Beans?

So, ensure that the bowl of food you are feeding them is full of nutrition and is not just something that will fill their stomachs; try giving them raw green beans instead of cooked ones.

But since cooked green beans are not harmful but just less nutritional for a bearded dragon, you can give them cooked green beans every once in a while.

The very next question that crosses our reader’s mind after getting answers on cooked green beans is that whether or not it’s ok to feed canned or frozen green beans to the beardo, right?

Let’s see what’s the answer to this query.

Can Bearded Dragons eat Frozen Green Beans?

The above section discussed how it is important to feed your beardie with fresh and raw green beans because of their high nutritional quality.

When we talk about frozen beans, it’s a straight and big no for a bearded dragon to eat.

As you know, food is frozen to last longer without spoiling, so they have added preservatives to it.

These preservatives can be harmful for your beardie’s health, and so you must not give them frozen beans or any frozen food.

Talking about canned beans, they, too, are sealed with lots of preservatives and salts.

Just like preservatives, the nitrogen gas present in packed food along with the salts is also harmful for your dragon’s health.

Always go for fresh, clean, raw, and dry beans for your baby beardie. Now since the can and freezer mystery is solved, let’s move forward and solve some more dragon and beans problems.

Thesis, Theories, and the Truth, “Feeding a human can be risky, but to an animal is always an investment.”

We have almost solved all the possible questions about a bearded dragon eating green beans. But we haven’t yet discussed the beans in general.

What about the other beans?

There are a lot more beans in the market than just green beans. What about them? Are they safe for a beardie, and if not, then why?

Now let’s understand this aspect of beans and beardie in detail.

What Beans can Bearded Dragons eat?

We know there are coffee beans, kidney beans, cranberry beans, black turtle beans, and many kinds of beans available in the market that might not be harmful for your bearded dragon, but they aren’t recommended as well.

The only type of bean left for your dragon to eat is a green bean, so it doesn’t matter if you have any other bean available in your house; if you want to give them beans for breakfast, you must feed them with only green beans.

One of its reasons is that Bearded Dragons must be given 80-90% of flower and vegetable-based food. And only 10-20% another type of food including fruits.

So, based on this study, you must feed them with green beans only. We will discuss with you all the other kinds of food fit for your beardie’s diet but before that, let’s update you on how you can feed green beans to your bearded dragon.

How To Feed Green Beans To Your Bearded Dragon?

You know how to prepare green beans before presenting them to the beardie to eat. All the washing, chopping, and cutting.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Beans

But if your beardie is eating them for the very first time, you have to be extra careful. They might like green beans, or maybe it will take them longer to start liking them. You can give them sliced, snapped, or just tossed green beans to eat. They add it to their regular meal bowl with all the other vegetables and food in it.

If he is eating beans for the very first time, stay there to see how they react to eat. Whether they are eating them just as normally as they are eating the other veggies in the bowl, or they are picking them specifically, or another thing they might do is leaving all the green beans out whenever they find a piece and are not too interested in eating them.

This will give you many hints about the kind of reaction your bearded dragon has towards green beans. While most of the Bearded Dragons are not too picky or selective, some pampered kids might show tantrums and will make you do some extra hard work to feed them green beans.

Some Ever ‘Green’ Information, “Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligent is asking the right question.”

We have got some more additional information for you on Bearded Dragons. But before making you read all the extra treasure of knowledge, let us fulfill the commitment we have made above on telling you about all the fruits, vegetables, and flowers that your beardie can eat without hesitation.

What Vegetables Can Bearded Dragons Eat?

Starting with the kind of vegetables you should give to your bearded dragon, followed by a list of the same. Try to make a large part of their daily diet enriched with anything dark green and leafy. Try to include most yellow, red, and orange vegetables to make his diet more balanced and colorful.

Avoid fiber-rich, nutrient-poor, and vitamin-deficient light green vegetables. They might not be harmful for them but aren’t useful as well.

Here Is A List Of Vegetables Bearded Dragon Can And Must Have:

  1. Collard greens
  2. Beet greens
  3. Mustard greens
  4. Broccoli
  5. Turnip
  6. Kale
  7. Parsley
  8. Red or green cabbage
  9. Cilantro
  10. Kohlrabi
  11. Red, yellow, green bell peppers
  12. Green beans
  13. Escarole
  14. Cactus
  15. Sprouts
  16. Sweet potato (cooked)
  17. Okra
  18. Cucumber
  19. Asparagus
  20. Mushrooms
  21. Carrots
  22. Peas
  23. Corn

Here Is A List Of Fruits Bearded Dragon Can And Must Have:

  1. Apples
  2. Pears
  3. Bananas (with skin)
  4. Mango
  5. Grapes
  6. Star fruit
  7. Raisins
  8. Peaches
  9. Tomato
  10. Guava
  11. Kiwis
  12. Melons
  13. Apricots
  14. Dates
  15. Raspberries
  16. Strawberries.

Edible Flowers For Bearded Dragons:

  1. Geraniums
  2. Carnations
  3. Dandelions
  4. Hibiscus
  5. Nasturtiums
  6. Roses

These lists are giving the vibe of a buffet for a bearded dragon.

And now it’s finally time for you to grab all the extra knowledge we have been talking about.

Here is all that you need to know about a bearded dragon apart from what they can eat and what they can’t.

  1. Make sure the flowers you are giving to your beardie are not rotten.
  2. Always wash your hands after feeding your bearded dragon after feeding them or handling them in any way,

They carry many bacteria and parasites that are not harmful to them but can be to you.

  1. Make sure the food you are giving to your beardie is not binding their calcium intake.

Calcium is of utmost importance for Bearded Dragons and shouldn’t be put at risk at any cost. 

  1. Vegetables containing goitrogens or the substances that suppress thyroid gland function by interfering with iodine uptakes, such as cabbage, kale, and mustard greens, should be given with caution since their excessive intake may lead to hypothyroidism in Bearded Dragons.
  2. Try to occasionally include animal-based foods in your beardies diet because they contain a rich source of protein that is passed onto the giant lizard, and it helps them in their growth.

Done and dusted.

Now go and prepare a balanced, germ-free, nutritious, healthy, and tasty meal for your little dragon.


A single vegetable can be both dangerous and nutritious for your bearded dragon. It only depends upon how you are preparing it and how you are feeding it to them.

Also, there can be many tasty and healthy options for a bearded dragon apart from green beans. Explore and update yourself! How to feed your dragon some green beans and whether they should be fed to them or not?