Do you know the fact that bearded dragons are considered as excellent pets for toddlers and kids? 

They might seem very dangerous from their look but this is only a myth. They are the gentle creature and also considered as the friendliest pet for kids.


  • These creatures are also extremely sensitive. It is very difficult to pet a bearded dragon. They need proper maintenance, care, meal, and attention. 

DIY Homemade Bearded Dragon Cage?
Homemade Bearded Dragon Cage
  • Bearded Dragon is not a cuddle lover pet. If you try to do so, it will make an injury or may bite you. But if you hold them properly, they can be the friendliest creatures.

Do you also own a bearded dragon and now want to make a cute little cage for it? 

If yes, then you are at the right platform. In this little piece, we have collected very important information for you related to the bearded dragon cage.

Here, you are going to find out almost every possible method of making a bearded dragon enclosure idea. 

To make your vision clearer we have made a content table. All the topic that we are going to discuss will be given in this table:

DIY bearded dragon cageHomemade bearded dragon enclosureHow to build a reptile cage with plexiglassFun facts about bearded dragon cageConclusion 
Homemade Bearded Dragon Cage

I hope now, you become more excited to know every possible method of making a bearded dragon cage.

What is a bearded dragon cage?

I am sure, some of you may be confused about the title of the article. So, let us clear it to you.

Meaning of Pogona (Bearded dragon) cage

This cage is a small glasshouse specially made for bearded dragon. There are lots of things included in this house to make the Pogona feel better.In this section, you are going to find out the ways to make this glasshouse look more attractive and best for your pet.

But with that, tell us, what is your reason of creating the cage?

We assume, you wanna give them their personal space? Isn’t it!

Well, its indeed a valid reason. Many pet lovers, assume the cage as restricting their freedom, and so, it is important to understand Why bearded dragons need to live in the cage?

To clear your doubts please read the given content:

  • The very first reason to put a bearded dragon in the cage is that it makes them feel at home. They can easily climb on the walls of the cage and the themes of the cages give them a natural habitat to live in. 
  • The second reason is that if bearded dragons not treated properly they may bite you. So if in case, you leave your dragon in your room and it gets under you while you sleep then it may bite your badly.
  • It may also cause injury to itself. 
  • Bearded dragon needs lots of light and heat for their surviving, these things can be possible only in a cage.
  • It helps to level up their mood and also to digest their food easily. 
  •  The secondary reason is that the bearded dragon cages look very amazing, it makes the whole room even more beautiful and lovely.
  • Try to keep the environment of the cage as wild as possible. It will give them a very familiar feel.

Since, bearded dragons are not harmful every time. But are you familiar with the fact that if you have kids in your house then definitely make a bearded dragon cage?

Well, keep scrolling because you will get to know their fun facts too!

But, for now, let’s know the ways!

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We know you want to know the collection first, here we go!

Things that you can use to make a bearded dragon cage

The things that you can use to make a bearded dragon cage are

  • waste wood, 
  • carton paper, 
  • plywood, sticks, rocks, 
  • sand, lights etc.

These things are available in almost every house. 

But, do you want to basic or creative?

Well, we assume, being artistic is fun and so here we go with the best version of the cage!

To start with, you know it is the Most loved section for pet owners. 

Well, why we are saying this, keep reading to know more!

So, begin the creative creation!


So, get ready to explore the best bearded dragon enclosure ideas!

DIY Homemade Bearded Dragon Cage?
Homemade Bearded Dragon Cage
  • Cage from a covered

If you have a waste small wooden covered in your house then take it and start working on it. Remove the front side of the covered by using a hammer or anything. 

Now add coats of sanded grout and hard cot podge to make kind of stairs inside the covered. You can also make a small cage under the stairs.  Your bearded dragon can sleep under it. 

Add a glass in its front part from where have removed the wood. 

Do you want to make it look more attractive? 

Add some dry sprig in the wood box or some dry leaves. It will look more aesthetic. You can also paint the wood according to your preferences.

  • Cage from a fish aquarium 

Do you know that if you ever had some fishes then you can also use their aquarium to make a DIY bearded dragon cage? 

Add some sand and stones inside it. You can also set the warm lights inside it. Grow some desert plants inside it. It will make a desert theme cage.

Trust me, your bearded dragon is going to love this setup. 

But, if your dragon prefer warmth of woods, let’s make another DIY bearded dragon habitat

Cage from wooden slides

Very few people know about this DIY. Do you want to know it? 

Take 5 wooden slides. Please note that 3 slides must be of the same size and the other two must be of the same small size. Now use fevicol to join the slides to make a wooden box without the front side.

Add a glass cover in place of the front side. Now you can add accessories according to your preferred theme. Add some lights to make the cage more attractive. 

If you own a green bearded dragon then go for green theme. You can add some sea grass and green plants. Make a small den inside the cage where your dragon can sleep easily.

  • Rocky bearded dragon cage

This cage is based on a rock theme. Usually, bearded dragons love the rocky theme cage. 

If you already own a bearded cage then put some rocks inside it. 

Don’t put unnecessary rocks inside it

Place some aesthetic rocks inside it. You can buy rocks from the shop or order online. Make a small den where it can sleep. 

You can also grow some rocky plants inside it.

Now, that was all about creating the piece of your beardie with another attractive item, Now let’s talk about the homemade ideas to make the bearded dragon cage.


Homemade Bearded Dragon Cage

Trust me homemade ideas always works!



  • Bearded cage from the carton box

Take a big carton box and remove the front side of it. If you want then you can fix a transparent glass in front of it. If not, then go for transparent paper and secure it with tape. 

Make sure you secure it well, otherwise the bearded dragon will jump out of the box. Also, use the solid carton box.

You can also repeat the same method with a wooden box or wooden slides. The best part is you don’t have to go anywhere for this. You can do it by your own.

  • Bearded dragon cage from cement

If your house is under constructions and you have leftover cement then you can also use it to make a bearded dragon cage.

Best method for mechanical engineers!

Take some wet cement mixture and try to make a rectangular type of box. For this first make a rectangular box with the help of bricks and mixture of cement. Then apply. Cement on top of it to make it smoother.

You can paint the box with your favourite colour and draw some paintings. You can also draw some sketches on it. 

Come on, its time to show some artistic moves.

Now fix a glass cover in its front side. Add some beautiful accessories according to your preferences. Add some aesthetic rocks and plants to make it more graceful.

Interesting suggestion?

Hope you liked the ideas so far, but we are not done yet!


Don’t you think Plexiglass cages will look so aesthetic in any living room? 

I can bet your answer is yes. 

Now tell us, do you also want to make a plexiglass cage for your bearded dragon?

We know, it’s a yes, so with further ado, let break the deal!

How to build a reptile cage with Pixelglass

Follow the given steps. If you follow these steps properly you will make a beautiful cage for your, lovely pet.

Plexiglass- The most expensive material to build a bearded dragon cage.

  • The very first step to build a cage is that note the behaviour of the bearded dragon. Note that in which shape it will be more comfortable and how much amount of light it needs. Let us suppose that your pet is comfortable in rectangle shape.
  • Always buy pre cut  Plexiglass from the shop until and unless you are a master in cutting and have proper instrument to cut the glass. Buy the glass according to the size of your pet. 
  • Now you require a drill machine and some screws. Make a rectangle box from the Plexiglass by using the screws and drill machine. Not that always leave one side open as a door. 
  • Do not fix that side with the screws. Otherwise, there will be no door left to come in and out of the glass cage. 

The best side to leave space for door is the top of the glass box. 

You can easily put your bearded dragon inside the box from the top of the box. And also can cover the glass easily.

After repeating these steps, you have successfully made a Plexiglass bearded dragon cage. 

See, how simple is it. Isn’t it? To make a Plexiglass cage all you need is proper technique and material.

After knowing the way of creating it, we know you must contemplating the best and difficult situation your beardie might come across.

Considering that, here we are with more info!

Pros of plexiglass bearded dragon cage

  • It is very light in weight than a glass. hence, it can be moved very easily from one place to another. 
  • It looks very aesthetic in the living room. The bearded dragon will look 100 times more attractive in a Plexiglass cage.


  • The only con of a Plexiglass cage is that, it is very expensive. It is almost double the price of normal glass or wood.
  • Also, this material is very sensitive to handle. 

With that, we hope you must have imagined the best space or let’s call it home for your little beardie and as promised, here we are with Fun facts about bearded dragon that will let you know that you are doing the right thing


DIY Homemade Bearded Dragon Cage?
Homemade Bearded Dragon Cage

 If you are a new parent when you definitely know the facts. These facts will help you a lot in process of taking care of your bearded dragon.

  • Bearded dragons are mainly originated from the Australia. 
  • They can stay in their cages for hours. In fact, they can stay their cages until you get them outside.
  • Bearded dragons needs at least 2 hours to stay in their cage after the meal. The meal gets digest after spending minimum 2 hours in the cage.
  • It is very important to keep them warm. Otherwise, they can die in cold.
  • Bearded dragons can eat live insects, vegetables, plants and supplements.
  • Bearded dragons are omnivorous as they can eat both non veg and veg.
  • They can also eat lots of fruits. They can eat almost every possible fruit.
  • If you take care of bearded dragon properly then it may leave for 10 years. 
  • There is a variety of bearded dragon named as Petco’s. this dragon is very less germ causing pet as it comes from washes eggs only.
  • It is manes as bearded dragons because under their throat they have fluffy skin which gives beard kind of look. 

Hope that convinces you well that your creativity will be the best gift for your pet. So don’t miss out to Build your own reptile habitat


As rightly said, there is no place like home, so, your beardie also be looking forward for the best place to stay near you yet with nature. Considering the same, we have shared the best methods of making of bearded dragon cages that super easy for you to create and maintain. 

So, what are we waiting for! 

Keeping In mind all the habits and preferences of your dragon, simply follow the steps carefully then you may build a beautiful, comfortable home for your beardie.

We have also added an informative section as fun facts about bearded dragons. These facts will help you guys a lot for sure. You can thank me later for this section. 

We hope you found this piece informative and helpful.

So be creative for your friendly Beard Dragon and let us know your ideas too!


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