Hi Folks! Do not go by the heading, it’s not just how you play with your little bearded friend from the animal kingdom. It’s about how you interact and live with it. Let me clear some air.

First of all our little friend belongs to the reptile family, yeah! You got it right even alligators and crocs are from the same family! Hey, no need to sweat over it. They are not crocs or gators! Well neither in size nor in nature. There are 8 species of bearded dragons.

How do you play with a bearded Dragon?
How do you play with a bearded Dragon?

An adult bearded dragon can be as long as 2 feet, including their tails, which is half their body length. They are omnivores and eat both plants and insects.

 Now the fun fact is adult bearded dragons are very territorial by nature as they display aggression to protect and defend their territory from other male bearded dragons.

They get into a fight with other dragons over food, to compete for a female. Well, that’s sounds familiar to me doesn’t we all men do the same thing fight for our territory, women and food. I think it’s not just human nature, it’s universal nature.

Our Dragon friends come in various colors, patterns and sizes varying from tan, brown, grey, red, tiger print etc., their mood and body temperature can also determine their color.

Well like we all humans the bearded dragons are free-spirited and independent want to know more let’s take a dive! hurrah!

Bearded Dragons irrespective of any age (Be it old or young) mentally or physically exude to be happy. They cannot be kept caged in a glass jar or a box. They enjoy attention henceforth it is said that it’s very important to establish daily communication with them.

How do I entertain my bearded dragon is the most common question asked to proud bearded dragon owners often?

As a baby bearded dragon, it’s very important that very well fed, are well mingled with the family so that his mind and body remain active. Bearded dragons enjoy hand-feeding a lot and they like it more when they are being talked to and given a lot of attention.

Baby bearded dragons are full of energy but they tend to get a bit nervous initially until trust is developed between them and their owners.

They are very fragile when they are young, they need soft surface such as cushioned sofa, bed, carpeted flooring etc. on move over and rest on. They could suffer severe spinal injuries or even die if they fall on any hard surface or concrete surface.

Our bearded friends are just like toddlers! Phew surprised, well do not get surprised just go on!

It is suggested that if you want to bond well with your beloved pet dragon then surprise them with different games and activities. By nature, they love attention so they can be your best partner for fun activities such as swimming in a pool with a rubber duck or maybe a small beach ball in the pool and watch your dragon having unlimited fun.

How do you play with a bearded Dragon?
How do you play with a bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragon toys can be yarn of wool, laser light dots, play with a softball with them or they can hop on vacuum cleaner too for a fun ride around your house. Bearded dragon games sometimes can be chasing a colourful ping pong ball or run through the lush green chemical-free grass. One can also put a tiny leash on them so they won’t run away.

Give your bearded dragon a ball and he will push it with the nose. They will not be able to play it as the dog plays with the ball but they enjoy having colourful balls around. It is a happy sight to watch bearded dragon running around the garden chasing balls.

Most people ask how to travel with a bearded dragon as they are considered a smaller pet in size but you can put a leash on your dragon and take them out for a ride for some change of scenery and fresh air.

One of the most common questions asked do bearded dragons like to cuddle or not?

The answer to this would be yes!

They very much like to be cuddled and they love to watch TV or play games with you on computer by touching it with his tongue. They jump to your lap or sit on your shoulder too.

Now don’t get baffled or terrified if you hear a hissing sound it’s not any snake or commode dragon! It’s your friend the “Bearded Dragon” now go on.

How do you play with a bearded Dragon?

Many people asked, do bearded dragons make noise?

Yes, they do make noise, the only sound bearded dragon made are hissing noises when they are upset, or stressed, or uncomfortable, or having a hard time trusting. In addition to this, they also communicate through body language by changing their colour, head bobbing, leg waving, body flattening and beard puffing.

They will plenty of funny moments to laugh about like trying to catch laser lights or when looking at themselves in the mirror being completely baffled and attacking their reflections and failing miserably at it are some funny bearded dragon moments.

The most amazing fact about bearded dragons is that they recognize their names when called upon. This recognition is not only special for the dragon but also for the owner, it instils the idea that their pet trusts and beliefs in them.

How to tell if your Bearded Dragon likes you?

It is very simple, the key is if they show trust in you by light licking, coming close to you and relaxed body language, they don’t mind being handled because it generally comes the incentive of food, bath and adventure.

Eyes closing and pressing close to their owner is another important sign of they being comfortable and also shows that they trust you. It is more about trust than affection with bearded dragons.

Most of the time when you handle bearded dragon they keep scratching you, now who here is itching and need a little scratching. Our little friend here will do the honours!

How do you play with a bearded Dragon?

To trim their nails is not a tedious task but at the same time, it is important. How to trim bearded dragon nails is not a lengthy process, all you need is a nail trimmer.

Getting their nails trim can be sometimes stressful for the bearded dragon so it is always a good idea to offer them some treats after the clipping is done. This not only helps them feel relaxed but also create a positive experience and build a strong trust between the owner and the pet, it also ensures that the bearded dragon doesn’t dread the sight of the nail clipper the next time and run away.

I think we humans also need some cajoling and treat after a hard days work! sounds familiar go on folks!

Also while trimming their nails need to keep in mind that only trim the black part attached with the white part. The white part of the nails contains blood vessels and if by mistake it is cut then it will hurt the bearded dragon very badly and I am sure you don’t want to do that!.

The front nails are required trimming 3-4 times in a year whereas in back toes nails doesn’t require the trimming more than twice a year.

Now Bearded dragon needs nurturing like a human baby! Sounds unbelievable but that’s true!

Bearded dragons shower a lot of affection and love around their closest people; they wait eagerly for their owners and easily warm up to them.

Being from a reptile’s family, they are fully capable of showing affection and emotions. The more time you spend with them, the greater will be the affection. You might as well want to know,

How do Bearded Dragons show Affection?

How do you play with a bearded Dragon?
How do you play with a bearded Dragon?

Honestly, it may vary from one dragon to another depending on the time spent with their owners. Or er can say, the owner’s involvement in their upbringing and the time span spent with them.

It has been noticed that they grow fonder of their owners as they grow older. The younger ones might take time to get comfortable and may not enjoy getting handled so much, but as they grow older with their owners and they develop a bond based on trust. They feel comfortable around them and show their affections.


In the end, we would like to say treat them as you want them to treat you! They are extremely confident, agile, emotional, sensitive and adaptive creatures. Nurture them with tenderness and shower them will love and they will respond back to you. The way they show affection can also vary from one bearded dragon to another.

Some of them will wait for their owners to return and upon their return will climb up on them and curl up, others would happily prance around their owner’s arms and shoulders or would happily get ready to be handled and caressed.