Are you fascinated by Bearded Dragons? Or are you a reptile owner already? Well, if yes, you would agree that Bearded Dragons are probably the most loved animals on the internet.

And hence, taking good care of them is worth the deal. Right! And if you are researching the same, you are certainly at the place. So, keep scrolling as you are about to get the exciting details in the piece. And what can it be! Here is a quick glimpse:

How To Trim Bearded Dragon Nails?
How To Trim Bearded Dragon Nails

So ready to read? Let’s get started! Bearded Dragon Deserves the Best! Due to their ease of care and winning personalities, they can now be found worldwide and in pet stores and exotic animal owners’ homes.

Moreover, pet parents claim that Bearded dragons make excellent pets, very friendly lizards, and they exhibit a variety of behavior. But, don’t forget they like a Solitary life. Must be kept alone!

But does that mean their isolation keeps them away from being loved? You would agree, that’s not true! Considering them, let’s know more about how you can make them feel loved and keep them groomed!

Grooming Time!

If you have recently adopted a bearded dragon, you sure want to know how to groom and take care of them. Or, If you are already a bearded dragon owner, you know how low maintenance they are.

How To Trim Bearded Dragon Nails?

But here is a quick check, LONG NAILS!!! It is incredible to see nature when you especially observe, How long-bearded dragon nails can be! And that is something you need to take care of.

So, let’s begin to know all the details of How To Trim Bearded Dragon Nails? Let’s find out some facts!

Why do they need their Nails Trimmed?

Most bearded dragon owners like you are worried about their beardie’s nails. Suppose you notice that your beardie has been scratching you a lot lately. It’s time to groom that little lad finally. Just like any other reptile, bearded dragons have sharp and sturdy claws made up of keratin.

Keratin constitutes the main protein of nails. Within the nails, they have nerves and blood vessels just as any other creature on this planet. This is very much similar to our nails. Their nails grow just like any other creature.

Your bearded dragon has different parts to its nails. Parts of bearded dragons’ nails are- nail tip, nail, and quick.

  • The nail tip is mostly the dead end with no blood vessels and nerves and thus has no sensation.
  • The quick has blood vessels and nerve endings and has sensations and feelings. (we don’t want to touch this part of the nail).
  • The nail/claw is usually darker in color than the quick.

Sometimes, the nails might not grow extensively, and you might not want to trim them.

But Bearded dragons require a lot of care, just like any other pet. One of the aspects that you need to take care of is their nails.


Bearded dragon nails are to be taken care of quite frequently. Trimming bearded dragon nails is required on a timely basis.

Trimming bearded dragon nails usually prevents injury to you as well as others.

But, it’s not just about your safety; trimming bearded dragon nails also prevents snagging their claws and injuring themselves.

You can easily trim their nails with just a little bit of patience and maybe some help!

If you’re a newbie, trimming bearded dragon nails may take some time for you to perfect it. This might take several attempts, but once you know, you’ll get the hang of it. 

Tools for Trimming Bearded Dragon Nails

Let’s get your beardie groomed!

How To Trim Bearded Dragon Nails?
  • Mini manicure set (just for your beardie): Get a dedicated pair of clippers so that you don’t cross-contaminate! Also, before using it, please clean it up with a bit of alcohol to decontaminate the clippers.
  • Animal Nail Clippers: Specifically designed for small animals, birds, or reptiles. You don’t want to use human clippers because you might not want to cross-contaminate yourself and your beardie.

Small animal clippers are designed to cut small, rounded nails (they evenly cut around the curled nails). At the same time, human clippers are designed to cut flat and thin nails. Flat clippers may be painful as they may cause fractures while cutting.

So make sure you use specific, round animal clippers. Animal clippers are the essential tool required.

  • Emery board or Small metal file: This is helpful if your beardie’s nails are not too long and you need to trim a part of it. This will file off all the excess nails.
  • A styptic powder (just in case): Styptic powders are substances that quickly allow the blood to stop or clot if at all there is bleeding. (A hemostatic agent)

As mentioned earlier, bearded dragons are deficient in maintenance. Just a nail clipper, and you are good to go!

So, now when you know the ways, you must be concerned about the right time to take action. So, let’s figure out the right time!

When is it time to cut their Nails?

How do we know when to cut our beardie’s nails? Worried about how long your bearded dragon’s nails are getting? It depends on how fast their nails are growing. On average, a trim in about 4-6 months is necessary for your as well as beardie’s safety.

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to cut your bearded dragon’s nails at a particular time. It could be a few days to a few weeks to a few months, depending on how fast they grow.

  • Firstly, you’ll know that the nails have grown just by looking at it when it just starts twisting their little fingers to their sides. When extremely overgrown, the nails begin to curl and make it difficult for the bearded dragon to climb or maybe even difficult to walk.
  • Secondly, when you play around with your beardie and find bloody scratches on yourself or anyone else. If the nails are left to grow, they become pretty sharp and can inflict scratches on anyone in contact.
  • Thirdly, they should not belong to cause discomfort to your beardie.

Just keep an eye for it! 

Things to Consider while Trimming Nails of your Bearded Dragons

When in the wild, Bearded dragon nails don’t need to be trimmed. As mother nature already has ways to keep them in the best shape. This happens because of digging, running, or while climbing on the rocks. (Natural trimming!)

However, living in an enclosed territory, your bearded dragon’s nails might grow, and you would always want to trim it manually. Now, most of you might be wondering how to cut a bearded dragon’s nails?

Firstly, consider How long is bearded dragon nails. Take extra care of the blood vessels and the nerves so that you don’t hurt your beardie. Trimming bearded dragon nails is not a big deal. You have to chip off a bit. Don’t overcut it! Make sure that the surrounding environment is open enough for the beardie to move around (just in case)

  • If you don’t want to do it manually, there are other natural ways in which your beardie’s nails can be trimmed.
  • You can use a variety of textured things for Trimming bearded dragon nails.
  • Just provide some rough-surfaced substrate beneath the dragon-like a natural stone or a piece of slate in the vivarium that the beardie can walk over. That will ‘file’ its nails naturally.
  • Whereas if you use something smooth like linoleum, newspapers, or paper towels, you’ll most likely have to trim your dragon’s nails by yourself manually.
  • Please give them a rough surface like a large rock to climb on in their tank or the vivarium. They will love this, and it will naturally wear down their nails to be less sharp. Remember that bearded dragons cannot regenerate limbs or nails.
  • When doing it manually, make sure you are firm yet gentle in handling their claws. Also, make sure that your beardie is comfortable, relaxed, and very much at ease.  At first, they might want to squirm and move and are likely to run away.
  • Get some help so that your beardie doesn’t move too rapidly. This is very important as you might not want to handle an aggressive beardie.

Beardies are easy to handle but can squirm if you hold them too tightly. Sensitize your beardie by holding them quite frequently. And just not while visiting a vet or when they need nail trimming.

Keeping a playful environment will help you in different tasks that come along with your beardie. What are the steps that you need to take care of while trimming your bearded dragon’s nails?

Step by Step Guide: How to Trim Bearded Dragon Nails?

How To Trim Bearded Dragon Nails?
  1. Step 1: One of the ways to make it easier for you to trim your beardie’s nails is to bathe your bearded dragon just before the nail trimming. (Only if they allow you.) This will also ease them down a bit. This can help make the nails softer and easier for you to cut and trim. Another way is to stroke your beardie’s head and always feed them a bit before the trimming session. You can also try it when your bearded dragon is fast asleep. 
  1. Step 2: If you alone are handling your beardie, hold them firm and steady, so they don’t move and allow you to trim. Hold the beardie with your non-dominant hand, and use your dominant hand for trimming. Examine their nails first, and make sure you can differentiate between the nail tip and the quick.
  1. Step 3: If you are not comfortable doing it alone, grab a friend of yours and let them hold your beardie. (Teach them to hold them gently). Never squeeze them! This way, you can concentrate just on the trimming.
  1. Step 4: Use the nail clippers to chip off the excess nail that has been curling up.  Be careful not to cut the quick! Be slow and steady.
  1. Step 5: Make sure you let the nails be rough and sharp, don’t try to make it blunt as this would not give an excellent grip to the beardie and make it difficult for them to run, climb or walk. If the nails are not much longer, a gentle filing might also help.
  1. Step 6: Always be conservative when you cut, and keep in mind that they are reptiles, and you don’t have to cut their nails short necessarily. They do need long nails, but they don’t have to be daggers. Clip off small sections of nails at a time! If clipping puts off your beardie, don’t stress it out. Do one foot a day and the other one later (Give them a break!).
  1. Step 7: Try not to cut the quick part. This would cause a lot of discomfort and bleeding as it contains blood vessels and nerves. Your beardie might retract his toes suddenly in this unfortunate event. To avoid this, filing is the best way!
  1. Step 8: If, unfortunately, you cut too deep, keep the styptic powder or solution handy. 

This way, you can apply the styptic powder if you cut through the vein. ( I hope you never need to use it!)

Don’t forget to give them a treat for being a good lad while trimming their nails!

Take extreme care while doing so, and avoid making your beardie uncomfortable. Don’t stress or frustrate your bearded dragon.

Also, remember Beardies need their claws! They are like extensions of their fingers; they have some nerves in their nails, so this would cause them pain. And you don’t want to see them in pain.

I know it’s not the most fun and easy task. But, it is also not that difficult that you worry about. 

The key here is to calm down your beardie so that he allows you to trim those nails. 

If you are not comfortable doing so, you can take help from your beardie’s vet. Always a good idea to ask!


Now, you know how to trim your beardie’s nails and all the care that you need to take care of.

You might have figured out it’s not a big task to do. Instead, it’s an easy task, and guesses what? You only need to do it once or twice a year!

Bearded dragons are one of the most friendly pets you can have. And they are low maintenance. Just hold them steady, get some help and get trimming! Happy Trimming Time!